While standard concrete often serves a great purpose as is, many clients detest it for its industrial and boring look. With the help of stamped concrete, you can turn ordinary, grey concrete into something beautifully customized. Stamped concrete is the art of using stencils to pattern stamp concrete while it’s wet, giving it the appearance of tiles or bricks. Stamping concrete can be completed in little to no time, and drastically changes the appearance of your surface altogether.

Decorative Concrete Charleston


The options of stamped concrete are virtually endless and can come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors. Whether you want to mimic something similar to brick, tiles, or interlocking blocks, stamped concrete can help you achieve just that. When you decide on what pattern you’d like for your stamped concrete, we’re able to add it to the poured concrete composite so that it dries in place and in the design you’d like.


Along with stamping your concrete, staining it into another color can also be an option. Staining is relatively easy to do and uses chemicals to color the top layer of the concrete into a new color. Many clients that have indoor concrete flooring or countertops utilize this option of staining their concrete, as it helps add complexity and definition to their surfaces. Concrete can be stained into various patterns or color coordination to create a design or pattern of your liking. If you plan on staining your concrete, we recommend adding a sealing agent to the top to provide maximum protection.


As mentioned previously, the effect of stamped concrete can help to add texture and depth to your ordinary concrete surface. Many clients thoroughly enjoy the numerous ways that concrete can be stamped and the other textiles it can easily resemble. We’ve been using our stamping tools to help clients achieve a customized look for their concrete for many years. With the usage of staining and stamping techniques combined, we’ve been able to create custom-made flooring and surface solutions that are of the highest quality and look stunning for every setting.


With the help of stamped concrete, you’re able to customize and create a concrete surface that it tailored to your personal taste and aesthetic. Stamped concrete is not only beautiful to look at, but incredibly versatile for a number of surfaces. Stamped concrete can be used for indoor or outdoor surfaces and maintain the same properties as standard concrete, including water-resistance and durability. When you decide to stamp your concrete, you don’t lose the desirable properties of standard concrete, but you’re able to enhance its appearance to make it more visually appealing. When concrete is stamped, it becomes a decorative centerpiece for your space that you can easily show off with pride, making it both stunning and practical in all settings. Stamped concrete can often last just as long as generic concrete if applied and installed correctly, and given regular cleanings and sealing top coats.