Concrete replacements are generally needed when the concrete in question is damaged beyond repair. This often happens when the concrete has cracks that are too deep for stable use, or it has absorbed an unhealthy amount of water damage after freezing, or being poured poorly. Concrete replacements help to remove the damage to large area spaces of concrete that would not benefit from small or simple repairs.

Charleston Concrete Finishing

Concrete Removal

If you have old or deteriorating concrete that needs removing, we’re here to help you! Removing concrete is done through the process of cracking and disposing. What this entails is the use of a machine that is able to break the concrete into smaller pieces, making it easier for removal. Although it may appear as a mess at first, removing concrete is a relatively simply task that can be completed in a short time. once we’ve been able to break down the existing concrete into smaller pieces, we’ll remove and dispose of it accordingly.


If you’re looking to replace concrete, crack and joint repair, we can do so once the old layer has been removed. Replacement concrete is depending on the layout of the surface you want replaced. While it’s usually easier to replace concrete slabs individually, replacing an entire lot of poured concrete is also doable but can be more time consuming. For such a task, this will generally require clearing and leveling the surface all over again, along with preparing the area for new concrete. As with most concrete projects, we always recommend to our clients that they have them performed in the warmer and drier months, to avoid potential moisture damage from the rain or snow.

Damaged Concrete

For damaged concrete that is unrepairable either through crack repairs or patching, replacing it at a whole may be the next best option. Unrepairable concrete usually consists of overly damaged concrete that has been excessively cracked, exposed to ice or water, or is crumbling over time. These elements deteriorate the integrity and durability of concrete, making it less valuable and functional over time, even if it is temporarily repaired. If you’re unsure whether or not your concrete qualifies as damaged concrete, you can schedule a consultation with us and we’ll help determine it for you.

Concrete Slabs

Perhaps the easiest type of concrete repair comes in the form of concrete slabs. Since concrete slabs are designed and poured individually, it makes repairing them one by one just as easy. For surfaces like walkways or sidewalks, the use of concrete slabs has proven functional and can be repaired by extracting the one or two damaged slabs, without repairing the entire surface. Concrete slabs are repaired based on the extent of the damage. For a simple crack or hole, a full slab repair may not be necessary, but if one slab or a series of slabs has been compromised by some damage, we are able to extract those ones and pour new ones. Slab repairs are overall easy and hassle-free!