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Within our range of services, we offer nothing but the best of concrete products. Whether you’re looking to have your driveway repaired or you want a sidewalk added to your residential and commercial property. Call today so we can offer the services to get them to you. We take precautionary measures when working with your concrete needs so that it does not end up somewhere it shouldn’t, isn’t poured somewhere inappropriate, and is give an adequate surface to rest on. Since concrete isn’t considered a flexible material, it is crucial that the surface it is poured on is prepared and cleared in advance for optimal use.

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The concrete outside of your home and used to build infrastructure should be sturdy and reliable. With the help of Concrete Specialists Charleston SC, your concrete can be on its way to being functional and without the cracks, holes, or imperfections that make it less so. Concrete contractors are driven by the desire to fulfill your building needs and provide you with concrete services that keeps you and your family safe. However, your concrete foundations is only as reliable as the contractors that install it, so it’s important to choose only the most reputable concrete contractors company to take on such a project.


"I contacted Concrete Specialists Charleston SC to help repair my concrete cracks and holes. I was so surprised by their quality work, punctuality and friendly service and I’m so glad I chose them for my home services. I’ll definitely be calling them again in the future when I need more concrete repaired around my home!"
Gary F.
"The guys at Concrete Specialists Charleston SC are beyond professional and really helpful when it came to answering my questions about repaving my driveway. They were also able to help me work out a budget for having a driveway extension, which was appreciated greatly given I had just moved in! Thanks, guys!"
Eleanor R.
"I really wanted to renovate my home and stain the concrete walls and flooring around my workspace and my back yard. Concrete Specialists Charleston SC helped me do that and even gave me options that matched my personal preferences and home interiors. They really did a fantastic job and I’m so glad I found them!"
Christina T.

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If having superb concrete is something you’ve always dreamed of, give us a call today so we can deliver it right to you! We maintain a team of friendly customer service agents that are eager to help you on your way to achieving durable concrete that’ll last a lifetime. On the service number provided, you can get in contact with us to discuss our concrete work, set up an appointment, or speak with one of our representatives for further assistance. We are a concrete company which is locally owned and operated in Charleston, South Carolina, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. If you’d like a free quote or estimate, simply complete the contact form posted to our website for some information and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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